The Holy Moment

The Holy Moment is not a rising up into greatness or an event that makes us more or better. We are already greatness infused in our Being, created perfect in the image of the Great Spirit.

The Holy Moment is the recognition, the remembrance, in one sacred instant of who we are, of who we have always been.

It is in that Holy Moment that we come to know “I AM” and we embody our I AM Presence.

And in that Holy Moment, we realize that time is an illusion.

We’ve been taught that we live along a time-line from birth to death and that the time in between those two points (birth and death) is precious, to be spent wisely. Indeed, our lives are precious, but I don’t believe that time is linear or that it even exists. In fact, I believe it’s an illusion and we’ve become slaves to our clocks, slaves to the routines that bind us.

Why do we have clocks then, you ask, and why is everything scheduled, why do we plan? What about yesterday and tomorrow, and how do we explain living and dying? I’ll explain as best I can from my place of understanding. Hold onto what resonates for you and let go of what doesn’t. We all come to our own place of understanding when we’re meant to.

Perhaps we think that time is real because we live in a world that is relative. Everything we do is relative to something else, somewhere else, or someone else – like points in space. For example, I’m here and you’re there, when in fact, we are both here, now.

Consider that there are no points in space. How then can there be time if there is nothing to relate it to, no start or end point? Time can only be perceived to be “real” when there are points of reference and a distance travelled between those points, like our idea that we are moving along a time-line from birth (one point) to death (another point). It simply doesn’t exist.

There is only Now – the present moment is the Only Moment. We are experiencing everything Now – the past, the present and the future. Perhaps yesterday (the past) is just a memory of our previous experiences and tomorrow (the future) is a manifestation of our present (now) thoughts.

Consider that we are moving through cycles of energy, cyclical spirals in fact, rather than along a linear time-line. We see things the way we do, because we are watching that movement of energy through our single point of reference, like looking through a pinhole or a peephole in a door. Our physical eyes do not allow us to see the All that is around us, in us, as us.

In reality, everything exists simultaneously – right here, right now. Everything IS Now. There is no measure of time or space, there is no separation. It’s all ONE. Everything that has happened to us, is happening to us, or will happen to us is happening in this very moment. And in this, there are an infinite number of possibilities or possible outcomes – indeed anything is possible.

This is the Only Moment and All That IS comes from it. This is the One Point of Creation (the dot in the circle on the linear plane) or the Centre of Creation (the center of the torus on a 3D plane). It is built from within itself; it is born from its SELF. Everything that we experience (or create) arises from it (is birthed) goes through its life cycle and eventually falls back into nothingness (death) to become something new again (rebirth). It is a self-perpetuating cycle, a circle without beginning or end, the Circle of Life. The whole Universe is within this and the Universe is in us. There is no separation based on time and space. ALL IS.

I AM in the Universe, the Universe IS in me and I AM Here Now in the Only Moment there is.

This IS the Holy Moment.

© Daanika 2017. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this site’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited.


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