From ME to WE


Love does not try to possess; Love lifts and allows the space to Be. We are here to lift one another to our highest place of Being, which is Love.

We cannot Be Love if we try to hold on tightly to that which is not ours. When we open the clenched fist of our hand and open the closed doors of our heart, we release the illusion that we are in control. In doing so, we also release our suffering. The open hand leaves us free to receive the Love that is trying to make its way to us and the open heart leaves us free to give the Love that is who we are.

This flow of giving and receiving Love is our connection to All That IS; it is our natural state of Being.

Letting go of ME (separation) and embracing WE (Oneness), WE rise together. Afterall, WE are the same ONE.

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