A Tribute to My Dad

Today I honour my Dad. This would have been his 81st birthday. He celebrates it today in Heaven with my Mom. Thank you Dad, for the many gifts you gave me while you were here with me; for the lessons and the Blessings. And they continue from beyond the veil.

I believe that we are all connected by a common thread that runs through the web of All That IS. It is the energy that binds us that cannot be broken and the Love that it carries can never die. Being with my Dad when he passed was one of the most profound experiences of my life and I’d like to share it here with you. Know this – Love Never Dies.

Death and a Smile dandelion-flower

I’ve always known there was beauty everywhere. I used to see it even as a child sitting in a field of grass looking at a dandelion. I saw a flower, not a weed. Today I came to understand there is beauty even in dying.

I sat next to you with your fragile hand, once so strong, still in mine and watched you take your last breath. I swear I could almost feel your heart stop beating. Then, as the tears were rolling slowly down my face, I felt an energy around me and above me, and I knew that Mom and your angels were there to carry you Home. Your soul was leaving your body; this physical journey complete.

Wrapped in the arms of the angels you were held in their perfect Love as Mom reached out to take your hand. I could see it in my heart. It was such a beautiful thing to see. This was the Light in the darkness. It wasn’t the dark, dreary death painted in stories and played out on movie screens. It was lit up by the joy emanating from your Being, knowing that you were going Home again. I swear I could almost see you smiling.

I heard choirs of angels singing, gathering round to carry you Home. Your Eternal Peace had entered in. I knew in that moment that your pain and suffering and heartache and sorrow were all gone. All that remained was Love, the only real thing. I felt my sadness at losing you fade away as your Love entered deeply into my soul. I could never lose you; you are a part of me … and Love never dies.

With your heart so close to mine, I held you there just a little bit longer. Just long enough to say “This isn’t goodbye. I’ll see you in my heart”. Then all thoughts of myself disappeared and my tears were wiped away as I rejoiced for you. You were going Home.

And my heart smiled.

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