The All of All That IS

The more time I spend outdoors in nature, the more my heart opens. How could it not? We are One in the same! The longer I feel the wind in my hair and the sun on my face, the closer I walk with my True Self. Truly “Just a closer walk with Thee” is the theme song.

I can’t begin to explain the opening except to say that it is profound beyond all words that have meaning in our ‘human’ language. It is a doorway to Divine. Mere words cannot describe this feeling of Oneness. It is an experience, not a story. It is to be felt, and feelings have no true description. They are timeless and cannot be defined in language, except through the Language of God, and how indescribable that Language is. It is of the Silence, the Stillness that embodies our Truth and so we learn to listen with our heart. From our heart there opens a new door, a doorway to dimensions that are beyond compare. Beyond the veil of forgetfulness, we are awakened to the remembrance of who we are in an inner world of almost indiscernible magnitude.

We are the All of All That IS.

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