My Response to The Invitation, by Oriah

One of my favourite writings is The Invitation, by Oriah. Today, I came across it again and was compelled to respond. This is my response.

My Response to Oriah’s Invitation

I have ached
For the children
Left starving and alone.
I have met my heart’s longing
And saw that it was inside of me.
I have looked like a fool
Many times
Over and over again
For love
And in pursuit
Of my dream.
The greatest adventure
Is being fully alive.
I have touched
The deepest place
Of my sorrow
And fell down
Into the depths of it.
I have been cut open
At the centre of my being
By betrayal
And remain wide open still.
I have sat with pain
In the darkest of places
And let it pour
Through my tears
And my veins.
My heart has
Expressed joy
From the depths of my soul
And moved me
To ecstasy
At the scent of a rose.
I have danced naked
In the rain
With abandon
To all the rules
Thrown upon us
By society.
I am human
And Spirit
In One.
I have disappointed many
To be true
To myself,
Difficult but necessary.
I have almost
Drowned in accusations
But remained
Still in the knowing
Of my truth.
I see beauty
In the seed
Buried in the mud,
And in my own tears.
My life comes
From within.
I have failed
More times than won
But failure means
I’m trying
And I won’t give up
On my dream.
I will always rise
To feed the children,
And I will stand
In the fire with you,
Strong and true.
When all around me
Is falling away
My faith and hope
Sustain my Being.
I sit alone
In the quiet moments
And know that
I like, no I love
Who I am.
You and I are One.
We All Are.

© Daanika 2016. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this site’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited.


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