We Are Climbing

As we learn to stand in our own Truth, we come to recognize that all we held onto so desperately is no longer needed, and we begin to shed the layers. As each new layer is shed, we climb another step upward on the ladder toward Freedom. At each new step, we are opened further to our Truth, our authentic Self, our highest level of Being. The doors are cracked now, ready to swing wide open.

Rocking in the waves, we are cleansed by the storms at sea. And there in the eye of the greatest storm, we are transformed by our struggle and our pain. Baptized in its Blessing, the waters come to still and we let go of our hold on the life raft. We are floating safely in the waters now, immersed in Peace.

From all the fires that raged within, the old is burned away to make room for the new. And when the fire is finished, we sift through the ashes, pushing them aside with gentle reverence, searching for our new Self, grateful to emerge as Phoenix rising.

So too is Mother Earth learning to stand in her Truth. She is shedding, cleansing, healing, climbing upward, rising too. She is no longer willing to tolerate the old patterns of abuse, of unloving behaviour, of disrespect for her sacred Being.

And so we stand together, Mother Earth and I, grateful for the coming dawn of a New Day . . . And It Is Coming. Grounded in our Power, rooted in the greatest force of All Existence, we rise together.

A Gentle Strength awakened by our healing. We hold each other at every step upon the ladder, climbing upward to the place we’re meant to be. Becoming weightless as the old just falls away. We’re moving faster through the spiral of it All, where time and space no longer measure any meaning. We just exist; All IS.

You breathe, I breathe, your breath my own. Our hearts are beating now as One in sync. We resonate with all the octaves of the Universe where Music is the harmony of healing.

I am listening, you are too, open to the signs that guide us on our way. We have a Knowing of the changes yet to come, not always easy but essential. I feel your sadness; I cried today, and your rains fell too.

Creator’s gift – bestowed the honour of Protector. I must guard you, Love you deeply, hold you gently while you’re healing. We rise together, Mother Earth and I.

We Are Climbing.

© Daanika 2016. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this site’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited.


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