The Master

It’s time to become the master that you have bowed down to, the master of your destiny. It’s time to absorb the Christ energy into your holy being and become the creator that you are, powerful beyond all comprehension. In this, what came before will come again. Remembered there in heart space, the Truth is just waiting to be revealed. Awareness rising to the surface now, we come to recognize ourselves as the Universe. The moon and sun and stars and galaxies live in us. We are the same Light! And even on the days we think we’re crazy and we’re hanging by a single thread, we know it’s strong enough to hold us. In fact, it’s getting stronger every day.

The prophecy is unraveling before our very eyes. She rises there in all her splendor and we rise with her. We look deeply into our own eyes and we know in that one gaze, there is everything that is now and has ever been. We hold the gaze a moment and see ourselves as perfect. And from this place we go, onward to a knowing that something greater is coming.

With every breath, we feel the magic of this moment as if we’ve already lived it. This is perhaps the greatest understanding, that it’s already been done. We carry this knowing forward on our journey and with every soul we meet and touch, we greet them whole, without condition. And looking into their eyes, we recognize the same gaze as when we looked into our own. Those eyes are mine. And in that moment, all the secrets that we’ve carried are laid bare to Love’s own eyes, and we are freed by our own vulnerability.  Falling to our knees, we bow down now – to the master, the master that we are.

© Daanika 2016. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this site’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited.


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