Information Overload

Everywhere we are being bombarded with it – information overload – television, radio, social media, video games, advertisements, e-mail and text, and on and on it goes. If our fingers aren’t touching a keyboard, a cell phone, or a video game pad, we find ourselves lost. And we feel obligated to respond to it all. I find it so overwhelming, that I literally have to shut it all off and take a huge step back. When did we get so lost in this illusion that seeks to control and disempower us; in fact to overpower us? It strives to take away our uniqueness and our Divinity, to pull us further and further away from who we really are.

We can’t even turn on the TV or the radio without seeing or hearing about war, violence, death, destruction – in real life and in fiction. I even took off my Fitbit because I found it was just another form of control, prompting me when I was “supposed to” do something. Are you kidding me? I can decide for myself when it’s time to do something!

If we have any hope of saving ourselves and our planet, it’s time to get out of our heads and into our hearts, to listen to our own inner guidance system. All the answers are there inside. We just have to learn to be still enough to hear them. It’s time to empower ourselves instead of being overpowered by the system that threatens to destroy us and our world.

I’m done with the herd mentality. The rebel has awakened and the corral gate is open… and well, come what may. At least, whatever I find myself doing or wherever I find myself going, I’ve stepped off the main highway and I’m heading down my own path. I’m following my own Divine guidance.

And having said all that, here I am typing on a keyboard. Maybe it’s not so much about the tool, but how we are using it; becoming aware that we have a choice in how we use it. We can use these tools to heal or to harm. Why would we not use them to heal?

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