Forgiveness and Love

The question – How can I forgive? The answer – With Love.
That “thing” you did yesterday, or last month, or 10 years ago…you can’t undo it. That “thing” that was done to you last week, or a year ago, or 40 years ago…it can’t be undone. That “thing” you said when you were angry and hurting…you can’t unspeak it. That “thing” that was said to you in anger and pain…it can’t be unspoken.

These “things” that we carry with us are like weights keeping us anchored to the past. They are barriers that block the flow of Love’s energy trying to find its way to us.

When we choose to heal, to forgive others and ourselves, the weight is lifted, the barriers are removed, and all the Love that’s been trying so hard to find its way to us comes flooding in.

When we come to know that we are all One, we gain a true understanding of the golden rule – Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. For truly whatever we do or say to another, we are doing and saying to ourselves.

Perhaps no matter what the question, the answer is Always Love.

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