There is No Room for Ego in Forgiveness

There is no room for ego in forgiveness. True forgiveness is an expression of Love, and Love and Ego simply cannot exist together.

When we have truly forgiven someone (or ourselves) there is no longer any judgement when we think of the experience. There is no emotional charge when it comes into our mind. It becomes like a movie playing on a screen and we are simply watching it. And yes, even thanking it, grateful for its lessons. I believe there is a lesson in every experience.

One of my favourite quotes by Thích Nhất Hạnh says this: “The past is gone, the future is not yet here, and if we do not go back to ourselves in the present moment, we cannot be in touch with life.”

We often tear ourselves apart, and more importantly, waste precious moments dwelling on how things could have been different.  They can’t.  They won’t ever be. The past IS gone. Acceptance of these past experiences, true forgiveness, and complete letting go may just be the most sacred gift we can ever give to ourselves or another.

There will come a moment when we understand that we signed up for certain things long before we came here.  As part of a Soul contract, we chose the lessons we wanted to experience in this lifetime – lessons for the growth of our Soul. We must remember, however, that we always have free will and choice. And it is our choices that determine the course our life will follow.  Some of us have chosen some pretty tough experiences! Perhaps the tougher the experience, the greater the lesson.

When we live from ego, choosing not to forgive, we keep ourselves separate – separate from our higher Self and separate from others. Judgement is like a barbed wire fence keeping us sectioned off from all that is our Divine right to experience in this lifetime. We are here to experience joy, peace, happiness and Love, and to be the highest expression of our Self. It is ours to claim. But to claim it, we must forgive and let go.

How will we recognize true forgiveness? How will we know when we’ve achieved it? There will be no emotional charge when we think of the experience. Any anger, resentment, judgement or other negative feelings we may have felt will be replaced with love, compassion and understanding. In that space that once held angst and upset, only Love remains – nothing else.

Love is the only Real thing.
It is the absolute Truth.
It is the guiding Light.
It is the Way.
Love is the Truth that Lights the Way.
It is ALL of Existence.

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