My TRUE Path

When you arrive at that place in life where you’re walking on your TRUE path, you just know it. You know it by the way it feels under your feet and by the way it feels in your heart and soul. It lifts you and you’re living from a place of absolute Gratitude.

You know it because you’re no longer living separate from your SELF. You are aligned with your higher SELF, with the Divine, and with your Divine role on this planet. You are BEing who you came here to BE. And you will no longer accept anything less from yourself than being in complete alignment with the Divine and with your own integrity.

You come to realize that you had to get lost in the shadows and come face to face with your own darkness before you could see the Light; your own Light, the Light that You ARE.

And when you’re there, when you’re walking on that unique path that was carved out just for YOU, listen closely and you’ll hear a voice that whispers “Welcome Home”.

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