What Does It Mean To Give Thanks?

For me, Giving Thanks means to sit in the seat of Gratitude and look out at the many gifts and Blessings in my life … and there are many. Everything has been a blessing in my life, even the tough times, because they have built a solid foundation of Faith and Strength around me and within me. I stand on that foundation knowing that it cannot crumble. My Faith is unwavering. I Give Thanks for everything and everyone in my life.

Giving Thanks means to lift my voice in praise and bow my head in prayer to God, the Creator, the Great Spirit, the Divine Source for all of life. I Give Thanks for the life that flows in me, through me and as me.

Giving Thanks means to stand in the Light of all that surrounds me and all that is in me, and know that I AM ONE with All That IS. I Give Thanks for the Light.

Giving Thanks means to look at a simple blade of grass and see the magnificence of creation in it, knowing that I AM that blade of grass also. I Give Thanks for all of creation.

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