The Life Raft

There are days in our lives when we will question what it all means. When we’re at the end of our rope (or even hanging by a thread) and we just want it all to go away. And we throw those questions at God like angry arrows expecting instant answers, immediate solutions. And then we plead, “Please God. Just make it stop”.

Why am I here? What’s the point to all of this? Why me? Why do I keep doing this? Why am I so angry? Why does this all have to hurt so much? Why do I feel so alone? Where do I go from here? When will it change? When will it get better? How do I get through this?

And on and on we go, with our pain-filled questions – why, where, when and how.

I’ve been the voice to all of those questions at one time or another in my life. Lost in the murky depths of waters so dark and deep, that I didn’t think I’d ever surface again. The truth is that underneath all of that pain, there was an inner Strength and Faith I was unaware of that had been holding me just above the surface throughout it all; an unseen Life Raft that kept me afloat.

When I was able to recognize the Life Raft for who or what it was, I knew there was a Divine power orchestrating everything. That power was around me and it was IN me. And in one breath, I climbed aboard the Life Raft and have been sitting atop it ever since. It continues to be my saving grace, over and over again.

Now understanding how it works, I hope I can be that life raft for another. We are all here to lift one another. Reach out and be someone’s life raft today. It could make all the difference.

© Daanika 2015. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this site’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited.


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