The Healing of Our Heart

When we come to realize that our journey is not an external one, we stop looking for validation outside of ourselves. We learn acceptance from within.

We stop getting LOST in the confusion and chaos of the world, and instead we FIND ourselves in the beauty of the flame that burns inside.

We come to realize that the world isn’t the cause of our suffering; that it isn’t out to get us. That perhaps we have been the cause of our suffering, held captive by our own thoughts. Thoughts that are stuck on repeat, engrained in us based on our past experiences.

Until we can change our thinking, let go of the past and forgive, and heal our own hearts, we cannot hope to end the suffering of the world. We must find compassion for ourselves first, before we can truly extend that outward.

The journey we must take first is in fact the pathway to our own heart. A pathway that may be grown over, even buried under, blocked by fear and pain, sorrow and sadness. And until we can find the strength and courage to wade through our own mud and face ourselves head-on, we’ll continue in the cyclical pattern of suffering.

When we finally do dig ourselves out of the mud, there is a river that flows when we’re exhausted and empty. A river of our own tears that washes us clean.

We cannot escape what lies within. It is the teacher for our healing. And when it’s over, we’ll see that we have reached in and extended our hand to a foe, now become friend, in the healing of our heart.

© Daanika 2015. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this site’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited.


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