The True Voice of Words

Perhaps some of our guides and angels, and other beings outside of this physical realm, cannot communicate with us through words – by ‘telling’ us something. Not because they don’t have the ability, but because they are vibrating so much faster than we are, that they’re ‘above and beyond’ using words as their primary method of communication. They would have to lower their vibration to ‘speak’ to us using words.

Words are of this earthly plane – that’s how we, as human beings, communicate. I believe the origin of words comes from a much higher place; they were given to us as a means of communicating with one another while here on this planet. They form our earthly languages.

Communication with those on the other side of this earthly veil comes when we reach a deeper level of listening and experience a deeper level of understanding and spiritual sight. It comes in the form of thoughts, signs, symbols, images and feelings. Perhaps this is the Universal language.

To be in the place of alignment with our higher SELF and the Divine All That IS, we must learn to listen with our whole body, with all of our senses and emotions, with our intuition, and with our spiritual ears and eye. There is so much they are trying to share with us. There is so much that we can ‘hear’ when we listen to the True Voice of Words. It is the Voice that gave us words; it is the Voice that speaks to us all. It is the Voice within that is God.

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