Journey to the Centre of Her Heart

Be quiet.
Be still.
Just listen.
And watch.

She is walking between two worlds just now – the world of density and illusion that surrounds her, and the world of Love and Light that’s borne within. She takes a deep breath in, holding the newness in her body, then letting go of all that is no longer needed in the exhale. She lets go of all the years of conditioning and false teachings, and misunderstanding. She watches as hurt and pain walk away, and then welcomes forgiveness with arms open wide. She lets go of all that no longer serves her on this path. She empties out, to be filled anew. She steps out of fear and drops the weight of her past. She washes clean and walks toward the Light.

She steps carefully as she journeys there to the centre of her heart, tunneling deeper and deeper into this unknown place of remembrance. She follows the lamplight along this pathway toward Love. She knows that Truth lives there. She welcomes Truth, knowing that she is completely safe. Faith has brought her here, to this place in her heart that holds all of her unanswered questions. She knows the answers are her own. She knows this place is her own. She knows this is her Sacred Space called Home.

She longs to look into the eyes of Truth and stand there face to face with her own eternal being. This is her quest. This is her saving grace. This is why she came. This is the merging of her body with her spirit – root, sacral and plexus meet with crown, eye and throat there at the centre, in her heart. This is her coming in to heart-centred consciousness. This is her union with ONE. This is her Sacred Birth into Light. This is her being, Love.

© Daanika 2015. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this site’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited.


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